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Топик «Жизнь в будущем — Life in the Future»

Life in the future. A man is created such a way that he always hopes life tomorrow will be more wonderful than today. As for me, I absolutely agree with it. I remember my childhood. It was very nice. We dreamt that our future will be better. But even in the most courageous hopes we […]

How to Create a PowerPoint Template

Using a PowerPoint template is so much more than just a background image. A proper template is the easiest way to create a consistent design scheme for your presentations. A well-designed template can make PowerPoint production much faster, and really helps portray a professional image of the presenter. Шаблоны для презентаций powerpoint There are many […]

Топик «Искусство в Украине » — «Art in Ukraine»

Art in Ukraine Ukrainian painters, singers, actors and composers are known not only in Ukraine but also in the world. Ukrainians are known to be musical people. Ukrainian music has a long history. In Ukraine three kinds of music developed during the Middle Ages. The first was music performed during festivals and banquets at the […]

Топик «Достопримечательности Украины»

PLACES TO SEE IN UKRAINE There are many places worth sightseeing on the territory of Ukraine because of its ancient history. A wide range of interesting things awaits the tourists, beginning with Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where there exist magnificent historic sights, St. Sophia Cathedral (1017-1031), the Kyiv Cave Monastery (1051) and numerous museums. […]

Топик «Спорт в Украине»

Sports Since ancient times, Ukrainians were skilful archers, horsemen and wrestlers. In the late XIX century European sports and games were introduced; football and wrestling became the most popular. Kyiv’s famous soccer team «Dynamo» won the European Cup Holder’s Cup twice, in 1975 and 1985. Oleg Blokhin and Igor Byelanov were named Europe’s best soccer […]

LANGUAGE in Ukraine

The Ukrainian language is classified, along with Russian and Belorussian, as a Slavic language. Several hypotheses exist about the origins of the Ukrainian language. . Phonetic, grammatical and lexical characteristics of the Ukrainian language are already apparent in literature from the XII century. The evolution of the language can be traced from the early texts, […]

Гривня — официальная денежная валюта Украины

HRYVNIA — THE OFFICIAL CURRENCY OF UKRAINE Hryvnia was introduced on September 2, 1996 right after the сelebration of Ukraine Independence Day. It replaced the old «Coupon» (or «Karbovanets») which was a temporary bill in Ukraine for the period it was leaving the rouble zone. Old coupons were changedat fixed rate 100.000 coupons for 1 […]

Топик «Праздники в Украине»

Holidays in Ukraine Each country has its own customs, traditions, holidays and important days in its history. Talking of holidays in Ukraine we can’t but tell about everybody’s favourite New Year Holiday. People think that at night on New Year’s eve the old year with all its troubles leaves us forever and the New Year […]

Топик «Туризм в Украине»

Tourism Tourism, as an important factor in inter-branch cooperation and improvement of market relations, is directly linked to the intellectual, cultural and economic potential of Ukraine. Ukraine has great potential for developing tourism: excellent geographic and climatic conditions, historical and cultural resources. Over 125 thousand archaeological, architectural, and historical monuments, some dating from the l0th-11th […]

Топик «Наука»

Science In Old Rus the first venues of sciences were monasteries. «Code of Laws», drawn up in the 10th-12th cc., laid the foundation of what would become Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian and Lithuanian feudal law. The 15th-17th cc. saw the peak of creative talent of physician Y. Drohobych and linguist M. Smotrytsky. «Slavic Grammar» of M. […]